Practice Cabinet

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Pepijn Fabius Clovis, born in Utrecht in 1995 and DAE Alumnus, is a young designer based in Eindhoven where he founded Studio Fabius Clovis with his works spread all over the world.

He creates colorful and playful furniture, and usable sculptures using waste and residual materials, mainly wood, not to make a new material out of it but using it integrally.

All of his objects are one of a kind, he creates with no stencil, every time creating its shape by hand, putting the material together as if it was a raw block of matter, and then giving shape to the objects piece by piece and carving and working wood like a work of art and then coating it with different statements colors.

His creative thinking works by having an idea in his mind and realizing it as soon as he can, without overthinking it, but creating it intuitively and instinctively.