Frederique Bruijnen


In 2012 she moved to Buenos Aires with her husband and two little daughters (2 years old en 4 months old at that time). She started with painting classes 2 days a week which helped her a lot to adjust to a new life with lots of challenges, to find her passion and purpose, but also making Argentine friends.

When she returned to The Netherlands she felt a strong need to pursuit with painting and art. So she applied for the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam in 2017 and was submitted for the Orientation Year. This was a life time experience and her dream to become an artist, came closer. In 2018 she joined the Kunst10daagse in Bergen her first exposition ever!

At the beginning of 2019 she decided to live my dream and become a full time artist. This might be what they call Ikigai. Her daughters are my biggest fans and love to spend time in my studio to paint and play. She is inspired by nature (spending lots of time in Jisp in a beautiful nature reserve), but also by personal development of human beings. Her art is intuitive and abstract and she feels related to the Abstract Expressionism movement where expressing emotions is key and letting the unconscious part of the mind express itself. She likes to experiment with materials and use acrylic paint and mixed media, but also exploring with oil and water color painting. Her paintings exist from many layers which give a lot of structure and slowly on tell a story. She never has a plan upfront and loves to be surprised during the process and with the final result.