Lieke Marleen van Kalken or lilxlylilxly creates contemporary works that playfully explore the concept of perspective. Using a wide range of materials and techniques such as, oil paint, drawing, paper collage, childhood drawings, photography, digital manipulation and silk screen techniques her work develops in different stages of abstraction that do not always reach the point of completeness. The effect of optical illusion with the use of water and glass plays a significant part in this process. She is intrigued by the fact that the neurodiverse brain offers a different to ‘normal’ perspective to the world and aims to invite the observer of her work to question their own way of looking at things.

Lieke: ‘In my art, I seek to answer the question of what reality is. For me, there is no defined answer to this question, but it has all to do with perspective. What constitutes reality to me is always in motion. The question “How did I view the world as a child?” invariably plays a significant role in this. As a child, I was fascinated by the structures and movements in nature, and still I calm my mind by carefully observing plants and insects in their environment. It’s this act of observing that still gives me a sense of inner peace and is also present during the creation of my art, which is rooted in calming my brain.’

The creation of my art manifests itself in several forms. There has been a period when I was more involved with photography and video. Within my current style of creating, I use various techniques that allow me to showcase the multiple layers of which my work is composed. For me, slowing down in the process and dissecting the different layers reflects the Hindu philosophy of Satcitananda that I’m heavily intrigued by. Satcitananda represents “truth, consciousness, bliss”, and it’s a philosophy that helps me shape my reality and perspective while it motivates me to keep exploring the different observations of reality. Because these elements are constantly in motion, so is my art.’

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